Hi, I’m Helena Antonaccio, classic pin-up and Playboy’s Miss June 1969.  I decided to create this site so I could share all the fantastic health and beauty secrets I’ve picked up over the last half century.  For as long as I can remember-and long before it was fashionable-I’ve been living a clean and healthy lifestyle; eating only organic, non-GMO foods, taking supplements and vitamins daily, using non-toxic creams and make-ups and exercising like a demon every single day.  Living a healthy lifestyle is my greatest passion and nothing makes me happier than passing on all the fabulous things I’ve learned through research, trial and error and experience.  Now, I don’t claim to be a doctor or an ‘expert’ in the sense of formal academic training but I think 50 years of living my life a certain way gives me a lot of credibility.  Plus, I look and feel great at 68!

I hope you’ll join me on my ongoing adventures.  Together we’ll explore topics ranging from what kinds of supplements you should be taking and why to the benefits of things like Bio-Identical Hormones, which I’ve been on for many years and absolutely love, to the undeniable positive impact of emotional wellness. I’ll share healthy recipes I love along with photos of the finished product, I’ll sample my favorite makeups and other beauty products. And, of course, we’ll talk about everyone’s favorite subject.  Sex.

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How to get a good tan without the sun and save your skin

Skin does not lose its youthfulness overnight, it happens gradually. There are several ways skin ages. First, there is chronological aging, where the functioning of sweat and oil glands begin to decline, contributing to moisture loss in older skin. The skin also becomes more vulnerable to injury as we age, and it can take longer … Continue reading How to get a good tan without the sun and save your skin


I love makeup, it transforms me into someone different. I love the art of making up my face. It is like painting a picture -it’s art to me. Are all women transformed by makeup?  You bet they are. I recall Marilyn Monroe saying on Edward R. Murrow’s show Person to Person back in the 50’s, … Continue reading Makeup

The benefits of bio-identical hormones

  I’ve been on hormone replacement for years, not just hormone replacement but bioidentical hormones. My practitioner, an expert on new and non-conventional ways of approaching aging performs a variety of tests on a regular basis, then matches my body’s needs and the bioidentical hormones she prescribes, in other words, she replaces what’s absent with … Continue reading The benefits of bio-identical hormones

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