The benefits of bio-identical hormones

  I’ve been on hormone replacement for years, not just hormone replacement but bioidentical hormones. My practitioner, an expert on new and non-conventional ways of approaching aging performs a variety of tests on a regular basis, then matches my body’s needs and the bioidentical hormones she prescribes, in other words, she replaces what’s absent with … Continue reading The benefits of bio-identical hormones

Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant having anti aging properties -(another secret of mine)

Looking youthful on the outside is great but feeling healthy with a working mind in your 60's is really what it is all about. I realized when I was younger that taking care of myself health wise would most likely slow down the aging process. It paid off for me.  I have a lot of … Continue reading Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant having anti aging properties -(another secret of mine)


Supplements that slow the aging process---- What kind of vitamins should I take?. The answer to this question is constantly changing. Different people have different needs. Some things to keep in mind when choosing supplements are your age, your gender, current health problems, and hereditary risk factors. To help control damage and delay the aging … Continue reading Supplements

Skin care

Skin care is incredibly important in maintaining a glowing, healthy, and youthful appearance. The skin is an organ, the biggest in the body, and needs to be nourished from the inside as well as the outside. Your skin absorbs everything, whether it’s pollutants and toxins or healthy and nourishing creams, so it’s critical that you … Continue reading Skin care